Titanfall 2

The sequel to Respawn's sci-fi mech-filled first-person shooter, Titanfall 2 adds a deep single-player campaign and revamped multiplayer.


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Titanfall 2 is a sci-fi first-person shooter developed by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (via Origin) on October 28, 2016.

The sequel to the original 2014 Titanfall, Titanfall 2 adds a full traditional single-player story mode (compared to the previous game, where the story is intertwined in multiplayer matches) and revamped multiplayer (including a variety of new abilities and customization options).

In the campaign, players control Jack Cooper, a rifleman sent alongside forces of the Frontier Militia to assault the planet Typhon (held by the forces of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation). When his Pilot mentor is mortally wounded, he is given control of his mentor's Pilot kit and assigned Vanguard-class Titan, BT-7274, and must complete his mentor's mission.


Like the previous game, Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter with a focus on calling down large mech suits called "Titans". Players can jump into these suits for direct control or allow them to fight on their own, under AI control. Unlike the previous game, titans no longer have full, recharging shields by default, so any damage done to them in multiplayer is permanent. Batteries can be found on enemy titans or other positions on the map. Bringing these to a titan grants them an overshield.



  • Chassis: Atlas-grade (Medium)
  • Weapon: Splitter Rifle
  • Offensive Ability: Laser Shot - A high powered, pinpoint accurate, shoulder mounted laser shot.
  • Defensive Ability: Vortex Shield - Absorbs missiles and bullets which can be thrown back at enemies.
  • Tactical Ability: Trip Wire - Throws out three mines held together with a laser beam, detonates when the beam is broken.
  • Core Ability: Laser Core - High powered, oversized laser beam that lasts for a period of time.


  • Entangled Energy - Critical hits with the Splitter Rifle restore energy. Unlocked from the start.
  • Zero-Point Tripwire - Trip Wire uses no energy.
  • Vortex Amplifier - Increases return damage on objects caught by the Vortex Shield.
  • Grand Cannon - Increases duration of Laser Core.
  • Refraction Lens - Increases amount of shots fired by the Splitter Rifle. Added in the Angel City update.


  • Chassis: Ogre-grade (Heavy)
  • Weapon: T-203 Thermite Launcher
  • Offensive Ability: Firewall - Creates a directed path of flame on the ground.
  • Defensive Ability: Thermal Shield - Melts incoming bullets and burns nearby enemies.
  • Tactical Ability: Incendiary Trap - Fills the area with a flammable gas.
  • Core Ability: Flame Core - Creates a larger and longer directed path of flame that deals very heavy damage.


  • Wildfire Launcher - Increases duration of the thermite from the T-203 Thermite Launcher. Unlocked from the start.
  • Tempered Plating - Decreases self-damage dealt by thermite.
  • Inferno Shield - Increases duration and damage of the Thermal Shield.
  • Fuel for the Fire - Increases duration of Firewall.
  • Scorched Earth - Flame Core leaves thermite under enemies. Added in the Angel City update.


  • Chassis: Stryder-grade (Light)
  • Weapon: Plasma Railgun
  • Offensive Ability: Cluster Missile - Fires a missile that creates numerous explosions on impact.
  • Defensive Ability: Tether Trap - Fires a mine that locks down a nearby enemy Titan.
  • Tactical Ability: VTOL Hover - Allows the Titan to jump up and hover in the air.
  • Core Ability: Flight Core - Activates a longer VTOL Hover while unleashing a barrage of rockets.


  • Piercing Shot - Shots from the Plasma Railgun penetrate multiple targets. Unlocked from the start.
  • Enhanced Payload - Increases duration and range of the explosions from the Cluster Missile.
  • Twin Traps - Defensive ability fires an additional Tether Trap.
  • Viper Thrusters - Increases speed during VTOL Hover and Flight Core.
  • Threat Optics - Highlights all allies and enemies when aiming. Added in the Angel City update.


  • Chassis: Stryder-grade (Light)
  • Weapon: Leadwall
  • Offensive Ability: Arc Wave - Creates an electrical wave by slashing his sword, which damages and slows enemies.
  • Defensive Ability: Sword Block - Reduces damage from incoming fire.
  • Tactical Ability: Phase Dash - Quickly move in any direction while escaping any AOE or incoming fire. Allows movement through other Titans.
  • Core Ability: Sword Core - Increases damage for sword attacks and increases effectiveness of Sword Block.


  • Ricochet Rounds - Shots from the Leadwall bounce off of surfaces. Unlocked from the start.
  • Thunderstorm - Adds an additional charge to Arc Wave.
  • Temporal Anomaly - Shortens cooldown of Phase Dash.
  • Highlander - Titan Kills while in Sword Core increases its duration.
  • Phase Reflex - Triggers a longer Phase Dash when the Titan is doomed. Added in the Angel City update.


  • Chassis: Atlas-grade (Medium)
  • Weapon: 40mm Tracker Cannon
  • Offensive Ability: Tracker Rockets - Fires a quick barrage of rockets at all titans with a full-lock.
  • Defensive Ability: Particle Wall - Creates a defensive wall that allows projectiles to travel one way.
  • Tactical Ability: Sonar Lock - Creates an AOE pulse which will generate a partial lock on any titan in the area and highlighes all enemies in the area through walls and on the minimap.
  • Core Ability: Salvo Core - Fires a massive salvo of rockets which will track the titans crosshairs.


  • Enhanced Tracker Rounds - Critical hits with the 40mm Tracker Cannon add an additional Lock on the enemy. Unlocked from the start.
  • Reinforced Particle Wall - Increases duration and strength of the Particle Wall.
  • Pulse-Echo - Triggers a second echo of the Sonar Lock after a short delay from the first.
  • Rocket Barrage - Increases amount of Tracker Rockets fired in a burst.
  • Burst Loader - Aiming with the 40mm Tracker Cannon allows the Titan to store three shots for a quick burst fire. Added in the Angel City update.


  • Chassis: Ogre-grade (Heavy)
  • Weapon: Predator Cannon
  • Offensive Ability: Power Shot - Damage and knock-back any enemies hit at close range.
  • Defensive Ability: Gun Shield - Creates a shield at the end of the Predator Cannon providing protection.
  • Tactical Ability: Mode Switch - Swaps between short and long range rounds.
  • Core Ability: Smart Core - Automatticaly locks on to any target in line of sight and increases rate of fire.


  • Enhanced Ammo Capacity - Increases ammo capacity for the Predator Cannon. Unlocked from the start.
  • Sensor Array - Increases duration of the Smart Core.
  • Bulwark - Increases strength of the Gun Shield.
  • Light-Weight Alloys - Reduce movement slowdown while the Predator Cannon is sped-up.
  • Hidden Compartment - Adds an additional charge to the Power Shot. Added in the Angel City update.

Common Titan Kits

In addition the unique kit options for each individual titan, there are six additional options available to further customize titan loadouts. Only one can be selected at a time.

  • Assault Chip - Automated titans get to use their offensive and defensive abilities and improves their aim and combat efficiency.

  • Counter Ready - Provides one additional Electrical Smoke countermeasure.

  • Nuclear Ejection - When a pilot ejects from a doomed titan the titan will explode dealing massive damage in a small area of effect.

  • Overcore - Titans start with 20% of their core gauge built up when they land.

  • Stealth Auto-Eject - When a titan becomes doomed it automatically ejects the pilot and the pilot becomes cloaked.

  • Turbo Engine - Provides one additional dash.

Titanfall Kits

  • Dome-Shield - When a titan lands it is provided with a temporary dome shaped shield that will cause damage to any enemy that steps into it and protects the titan from being damaged.
  • Warpfall - The time taken for a titan to be dropped in is significantly reduced but they do not get any shield protection once they land.

Vanguard (Campaign)

In the single-player campaign, BT-7274 is considered a Vanguard-class titan. However, players can find new loadouts throughout the campaign that BT can switch between at any time (using the button previously used for the Electric Smoke ability). Along with the six loadouts above, BT can also equip two campaign-specific loadouts (one of which, Expedition, is given at the start of the game).


  • Weapon: XD-16
  • Offensive Ability: Multi-Target Missile System
  • Defensive Ability: Vortex Shield
  • Tactical Ability: Electric Smoke
  • Core Ability: Burst Core


  • Weapon: Quad Rocket
  • Offensive Ability: Multi-Target Missile System
  • Defensive Ability: Vortex Shield
  • Tactical Ability: VTOL Hover
  • Core Ability: Flight Core


Tactical Abilities

There are several pilot tactical abilities used in multiplayer. Only one ability can be used at a time and each ability provides a different appearance to the players character model. Abilities have cooldown periods and some allow for two charges to be used in quick succession.

  • A-Wall - A wall which protects the pilot while standing behind it and also allows them to shoot through. Projectiles shot through the wall will have their damage amplified.
  • Cloak - The pilot becomes nearly invisible for a short duration or until they attack. Other pilots will be able to see a faint shimmer outline of the invisible pilot but Titans cannot see them at all.

  • Grapple - The pilot throws a grappling hook at their target. Can be used to rodeo Titans quickly, as a way to escape or to pull towards an enemy pilot for a melee kill.
  • Holo-Pilot - The pilot sends out holographic projections of themselves. These projections will mimic the actions of the pilot at the time of use.

  • Phase Shift - The pilot will shift into another reality for a brief period of time. No damage can be taken while in this other reality and no other pilots will be encountered while in it.
  • Pulse Blade - The pilot throws out a blade to a target location which acts as a sonar. It will highlight enemy forces in the area both on the minimap and through walls for its duration.
  • Stim - The pilot gains increased movement speed and health regeneration for the duration of the stim.

Boost Abilities

In addition to the pilot tactical abilities, every player can select a boost ability to use throughout matches. Boost abilities have an activation cost based on the Titanfall gauge, which is filled by killing AI, stealing batteries, harming enemy titans, killing enemy pilots, etc. Multiple boost charges can be built up by reaching the activation cost over and over. Using a boost does not decrease the Titanfall gauge.

  • Amped Weapons - Increased damage of all pilot weapons. Requires 80% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Battery Back-up - Immediately gain a battery. Requires 80% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Dice Roll - Randomly picks one other boost ability. Requires 36% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Hard Cover - Provides a one way wall which provides cover and allows the pilot to shoot through. Requires 20% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Holo-Pilot - Similar to the Pilot Tactical ability but sends out 3 holo-pilots instead of 1. Requires 40% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Map Hack - Reveals the location of all enemies on the radar and through walls for the pilots team. Requires 70% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Phase Rewind - Returns the player to a previous location. Requires 25% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Pilot Sentry - Sentry that targets enemy infantry and players. Requires 72% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Radar Jammer - Blocks the enemy teams radar. Requires 40% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Smart Pistol - Replacement secondary weapon, automatically locks on to enemy players and infantry. Has limited ammunition. Requires 60% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Ticks - Automated land mines that move around searching out enemy pilots and detonating when in proximity to one. Requires 65% on Titanfall gauge.
  • Titan Sentry - Similar to Pilot Sentry but targets enemy titans instead. Requires 35% on Titanfall gauge.

Pilot Kit Options

In addition to a pilot ability and a boost ability players can further customize their pilot by picking two kit options. These options are divided into two categories with four options each. One option from each kit must be used by the pilot. Having two options that are listed under the same category is prohibited.

First Kit Options

  • Fast Regen - Regenerate health sooner after taking damage.
  • Ordnance Expert - Faster cooldown on grenades and allows the pilot to see the arc the grenade will take.
  • Phase Embark - Teleport the pilot into their titan. Quicker than manually climbing in.
  • Power Cell - Faster cooldown on tactical ability.

Second Kit Options

  • Hover - Aiming while in the air allows the pilot to hover in mid-air.
  • Kill Report - Enemy deaths are shown through walls on the HUD.
  • Low Profile - Delays the warning shown to titans that they are being rodeo'd. Stops the pilot showing jet trails when jumping.
  • Wall Hang - Aiming while wall running allows the pilot to stay stationary on the wall.

Ordnance Options

There are several grenade options available. All options can be "cooked" to explode sooner with the exception of the Satchel Charge. All grenades will instantly kill a pilot if the grenade is thrown directly at the pilot. Similarly they will deal a large amount of damage to titans if the weak-spot of a titan is hit.

  • Arc Grenade - Stuns enemy pilots and titans.
  • Electric Smoke Grenade - Creates a cloud of electrical smoke that will damage enemy pilots and titans.
  • Firestar - Creates a small fire area of effect that will cause damage to any enemies that enter.
  • Frag Grenade - Explodes dealing damage to a large area.
  • Gravity Star - Creates a gravity well that sucks in enemies and causes bullets to curve around it.
  • Satchel Charge - Can be thrown and then remotely detonated.

Pilot Primary Weapons & Options

  • Assault Rifles
    • G2A5 - Semi-auto.
    • Hemlock BF-R - Burst fire.
    • R-201 Carbine - Full-auto.
    • V-47 Flatline - Full-auto.
  • Grenadiers
    • EM-4 Cold War - Burst fire.
    • EPG-1 - Energy based projectile.
    • R-6P Softball - Fires sticky grenades.
    • Sidewinder SMR - Full-auto.
  • Light Machine Guns
    • L-STAR - High rate of fire.
    • Spitfire - Medium rate of fire.
    • X-55 Devotion - Rate of fire increases over time.
  • Shotguns
    • EVA-8 Shotgun - Semi-auto.
    • Mastiff - Semi-auto.
  • Sniper Rifles
    • D-2 Double Take - Fires from two barrels.
    • Kraber-AP Sniper - Bolt-action. High damage.
    • Longbow-DMR - Semi-auto.
  • Sub-machine Guns
    • Alternator - Fires from two barrels.
    • CAR - Steady recoil and damage.
    • R-97 Compact SMG - High rate of fire with low recoil.
    • Volt - High precision.

Pilot Secondary Weapons

  • Anti-Titan
    • Archer - Rocket Launcher which requires a lock on.
    • Charge Rifle - Laser shot that deals more damage with a longer charge period.
    • LG-97 Thunderbolt - Shots a bold of electricity.
    • MGL Mag Launcher - Magnetic grenades that will bend towards nearby Titans.
  • Pistols
    • B3 Wingman - Revolver.
    • Hammond P2016 - Semi-auto.
    • RE-45 Auto - Full-auto.
    • SA-3 Mozambique - Shotgun style pistol.

Each weapon can use up to two mods and a single sight. Mod availability varies from weapon to weapon. No secondary weapon can use a scope.

  • Extra Ammo - Adds more ammo per clip.
  • Gun Ready - Reading the weapon to aim down sights is faster.
  • Gun Runner - Allows the weapon to be fired while sprinting.
  • Ricochet - Allows bullets to bounce of surfaces.
  • Speeloader - Faster reloading.
  • Tactikill - Killing enemy pilots reduces the cooldown on pilot tactical ability
  • AOG - Enhances enemy pilots visually. Disables one mod slot while in use.
  • Factory Issue - Standard iron-sights.
  • HCOG - Holographic sight.
  • Holosight - Holographic sight.
  • Variable Zoom - Toggles between multiple ranges of zoom.