Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux

An enhanced port of the original Nintendo DS game.Developed as part of SMT's 25th anniversary, it features new art design, voice acting, a new character named Alex, new demons, and a new route.


Strange Journey Redux revamps the original DS game unto the 3DS platform with an entirely new artstyle done by Masayuki Doi, who was lead art designer for Shin Megami Tensei IV. With it is an updated UI, in vein of SMTIV's, and a brand new character called Alex, who plays a major role in the new alt neutral route. It will serve as separate path from the original neutral route from the vanilla game. Along with her comes a brand new dungeon, as well as an armada of new demons from other MegaTen games.

New Content

Along with updated artwork design from Doi, the game comes packed with voice acting for the first time, as well as a ton of new demons that can be fused. The total amount of demons have been raised to 350.

Zeus (with new design)Amon (new Doi design)Anahita (new design)
Zaou-GongenShaytanJack Ripper
ThanatosTsuchigumoNight Stalker
Master TherionMadaMad Gasser