TiViTz – Math Game

TiViTz is a math and strategy game for kids grades K-8.

TiViTz is a math and strategy game for kids grades K-8. It was created by SAS Games, Inc. who developed the app in partnership with Unit9.

Combining elements of checkers and chess with the need to understand various math operations to create formulas that generate the highest possible score, TiViTz began as a board game popular among educators before its digital release.


A redesigned desktop version was released in 2017, with a redesigned app version appearing in 2018 through iTunes and Google Play. Both the app and desktop versions feature single-player and online head-to-head modes. A multiplayer version is in development.

The app and desktop games have free and Premium versions.


TiViTz contains several unlockable worlds, accessed by the number of games played per world. Each world comes with one or more world-specific unlockable outfits for the game avatar (known as a TiViT):

  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Mars Landing
  • Baseball Park
  • Magic Sky Island
  • Pirate Hideout (Premium only)
  • Medieval Castle (Premium only)
  • Atlantida Lost (Premium only)
  • Soccer Field (Premium only)


Each player has five numbered game pieces (called a TiViT) that are moved across the board to circular goals labeled with a number and mathematical operation. With a Premium subscription, players receive access to a seven-TiViT board. The player’s avatar (also called a TiViT) directs the pieces across the board to try and create math problems that will generate the highest score.

You can also block your opponent’s progress by moving pieces into defensive positions to restrict movement to the highest-yielding formulas. Players may also use force jumps in the game’s upper levels to force players into making moves they didn’t want to make. In general, pieces can only be moved forward, so be careful not to get caught in spaces where you cannot move forward and cannot arrive at a score goal.

The game also features a score goal available to either player. The game ends when all four goals and the shared score goal are occupied.

Both players then solve the equations they’ve created. To win, a player must generate the highest score by both doing the math correctly and having the most points. Equations incorrectly solved do not count toward your point total.