The Con Simulator

The Con Simulator is a simulation game for players who are dreaming about organizing their own comic con. The game will launch in 2019.


The Con Simulator is an innovative simulation game which opens up whole new possibilities. Players can choose a different role as protagonist. Hold imaginative comic conventions by customizing booths and NPCs. Release pressure by finding all sorts of memes. In this world, anything is possible.


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The Con Simulator is a simulation game that players can create their booths and NPCs freely. In the game, players can satisfy customers by inviting well-known cosplayers. The ultimate goal is to make a rational plan to earn as much money as possible.

The game combines traditional simulation game with tabletop strategy cards. When the comic son ends, players will enter into the strategy map selection. Players can cost PR points to use skill cards which can increase profitability.

Many random events may influence the convention strategy permanently. Besides, there will be many mind-blowing random events happening unexpectedly during the game.

Key Features

  • Play different roles to set up characteristic comic cons.
  • Design individual booths and NPCs to satisfy visitors.
  • Deal with the random events, and find hidden Easter eggs as much as possible.
  • Perfectly support for MOD.