Epic Seven

Turn-Based RPG featuring 2D graphics.


Epic Seven is a turn-based RPG with gacha elements with action that takes place on a 2D plane. Players must combine the strengths of various characters they own to exploit the weaknesses of enemies and progress through the game.


Ras Elclair, the Heir of the Covenant, tries to lead his troops in a final battle against the evil Archdemon when he is struck down by a powerful enemy. Ras awakens about 20 years later to discover the world in an uneasy peace: the lovely Queen Diene and her guardian have been holding the Archdemon at bay while waiting for the Heir to awaken. But before he can return to finish the job, his trusted ally Vildred betrays Diene and declares his allegiance to the Archdemon. Ras, his guardian Arky, and the late Diene's trusted homonculus Mercedes travel across the continent, trying to stop Vildred and the Archdemon's allies before he breaks free from his restraints and wreaks havoc on the world once again.


The player can use up to 4 different characters, equipping them with various pieces, and use them in battle. Each character has 2-3 different techniques they can use in battle, including a basic attack that can be used any time and an ultimate technique that usually requires some cooldown time.