Butter Royale

A food-fight themed battle royale game on Apple Arcade.


Butter Royale is a family friendly, non-violent battle royale game available only on the Apple Arcade. Using food related weapons called NOMs (Nutritionally Operated Machines), 32 players compete on an island known as Butter Island to be the last person standing.

Game Modes

Versus AI SoloSquads
Offline only game mode. Players compete against 31 other bots with regular gameplay rules. Online only game mode. Players compete individually against 31 other randomly matched players. Standard gameplay rules. Online only game mode. Players form squads or get matched randomly with other players to compete in teams of 4. Up to 12 teams of 4 can compete at once. Players can be revived by teammates after being knocked down by other players.


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The current version of the map is divided into 9 distinct zones. Players can choose to start in any location at the start of the match.