Convergence Compulsion

Convergence Compulsion


Convergence Compulsion is an arcade-style, score-attack game developed by Joe Daywalt under the name The game was first available as a prototype of the same name in 2018 before Joe picked it back up in 2020, reconsidering several aspects of the design.


The player must move their colored, square avatar so it touches the oncoming wave of matching color. Waves come two-at-a-time, from opposing directions, and only one ever matches the player's avatar. Upon matching, the game selects new colors, and the player must again match to the new correct wave. This continues until the avatar touches the wrong wave first, causing a game over.

Challenge is added gradually as the waves speed up, and as a new obstacle is spawned at the location of every match. The player is awarded a power-up on every 7th match. The player can activate most power-ups by bouncing off of the obstacle that has been marked by that power-up's icon.